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Investment Opportunity

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For producers and processing companies in various crops for national, regional and European markets, irrigation facilities, technology and support services, raw materials and post-production services.
Extension of water and sanitation coverage and the rehabilitation and maintenance of existing infrastructure. Companies are invited to provide point sources (borehole/hand-dug wells), small town pipe schemes, rain harvest plants and household/institutional latrines.
Construction of residential houses (low cost housing), high rise quality apartments, retirement villages; industrial houses (warehousing facilities) and commercial houses (local shopping centres/malls, office accommodation, storage, etc) and the provision of construction equipment and building materials.
This is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy and it is expected to grow at an average of 4.1% per annum over the next two decades driven largely by the country’s unique historical, cultural and natural attractions. Some areas to focus on include the construction and provision of services for multi-hotel resorts, lake/river resort development, and the establishment of ecotourism packages and national parks.
There is growing interest in marine defence and security equipment to protect the offshore oil & gas infrastructure and to secure Ghana’s territorial boundaries. The provision of physical security services (guards, cctv etc.) is also growing with the continued increase in foreign direct investment.
Ghana’s Universities are stretched to capacity, so alternatives are badly needed, such as distance learning and specialised training in areas such as health & safety. Opportunities with vocational training; particularly in the supply of qualified labour for Ghana’s growing petroleum industry.
Demand for power is growing 10% annually. Ghana has embarked on an expansion programme targeting state owned capacity but also encouraging independent power producers. More than 1500 MW of new electricity capacity is set to come on line over the next 5 years, with 952 MW overseen by the VRA and the remainder by IPPs. For renewables – the Government aims to reach 10% of domestic demand by modern renewable technology by 2020.
There are opportunities for supply, packaging, processing and manufacture with wider tastes and demands developing.
Provision of ICT facilities and infrastructure on a broad scale across the nation, extension of broadband/ fibre infrastructure and computer access to rural students.
The Jubilee Field, Ghana’s first oil discovery in commercial quantities, with an estimated field reserve of up to 1 billion barrels, went into production on 15 December 2010. Several more large oil & gas fields will likely come into production in the next 5 years. Further exploration continues and opportunities exist in virtually every sector of the petroleum industry, both upstream and downstream. Opportunities also exist in the development of the port town of Takoradi, the logistical centre for oil & gas activity in Ghana, which is developing as a hub for oil & gas activity for West Africa.
There are plans to develop both of Ghana’s busy commercial container ports in Tema and Takoradi to meet growing levels of international traffic. Takoradi Port in particular is looking at a substantial development plan over 3 phases to increase capacity and modernise its handling of bulk cargo, container traffic and oil services.
Mass transportation opportunities include: railway rehabilitation, lake transportation systems, airport expansion, air transport for domestic and sub-regional services. Domestic air services have blossomed in the last two years and there is heavy competition in this lucrative sector.